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The Falzone-Buzukhov Circus has known great tragedy, from their near destruction after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake when their circus was burnt to the ground, to their more recent demise in Las Vegas when their circus was shuttered at the hands of foreign bankers. Rising from the ashes, Spiegelworld recently helped bring the remains of the troupe to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert. Each night we waited in vain for family patriarch Alfonso Buzukhov to arrive. But the show went on. Four standing-room-only performances astounded the Burners who crowded inside our tent.  We suspect this is not the last we’ll hear of Alfie.


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Celebrated across the galaxy for her powerhouse vocals, alien chanteuse Dusty Moonboots has just shed her skin and regenerated with a brand new look and a rock ‘n’ roll-fueled edge to thrill passengers nightly aboard the starship OPM 73 in Opium at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. “Dusty’s a little ripper!” shared Harry M. Howie, the Australian producer and promoter of OPIUM.  “As the foxy alien she is, she can decide to take on a new form whenever she pleases. And whether that’s a seven-foot-tall hairy drag queen or a purple-haired female cyborg, one thing’s for certain: she’ll whip your asteroid. The sheila’s got spunk!”

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That’s 8000 pasties the Green Fairy has had to stick on!  This Friday October 26 marks Absinthe’s 4000th show in Las Vegas. The Gazillionaire pitched his tent out front of Caesars Palace in April 2011. Back then everyone said the show wouldn’t last a week.  The Gazillionaire thought it would probably last 400 shows before someone with good sense shut it down. So confident of this, he agreed to a crazy dare if Absinthe ever reached 4000 shows. So join us at the Absinthe spiegeltent this Friday night at 10pm and see if The Gazillionaire will follow through on his promise.

Absinthe has just released new shows through June 2019.
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