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In July 2018, Spiegelworld held a five-week creation workshop in New York City to develop a brand new live entertainment concept. Seven public performances were then presented to explore reactions to a show where the audience is the star.

We Are Here plunges you into the hedonistic world of disco, which erupted out of 1970s New York.

For those lucky enough to secure a ticket to the exclusive New York City workshop season, the experience was unforgettable. Somewhere in the East Village, a fiercely glamorous door diva greeted guests at a secret door in the wall. Welcome to The GlitterLoft. Who would get in? Who would be brought to the front of the line behind the velvet rope? Up three flights of stairs we entered a dimly lit space where a driving bass beat could be heard coming from somewhere off in the distance. Had the party started without us? Was it already over? There was a flash of light. And then it began.

We Are Here experiments with the use of music, video, movement and storytelling within an exciting, high-energy performance environment.  The creative team includes acclaimed director Steven Hoggett (Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Movement, West End / Broadway) with music curated by legendary record producer, songwriter and musician Nile Rodgers of Chic fame.

Where to next for WE ARE HERE? Is Las Vegas ready to dance?

About The Show

CBS Sunday Morning –  In the Life Of: Steven Hoggett

New York City 1970s. Behind the velvet rope, people of every race, class and sexual identity come together, encouraged to wear whatever they want, kiss whoever they want and, of course, dance however they want.

Le Freak, Disco Inferno, We Are Family, You Make Me Feel Mighty Real – We Are Here mines the music bedrock of disco’s iconic tracks to explore the rise of a popular movement, and the stunning backlash against it.  Forget white suits and mirror balls, this is a celebration of the beat that set the world on fire and continues to unify generations and cultures at a time when we need it more than ever. 

Steven Hoggett said, “When Spiegelworld asked me to direct an immersive show about the history of disco, it was difficult to imagine doing it without Nile Rodgers on board. We want this show to wrap the audience in sound, images, movement and stories which remind us of disco’s role in liberating a wide spectrum of society in the 1970s, while celebrating disco’s resurging influence on the present. Therefore I was excited that Nile responded so positively to our ideas and agreed to curate the music for We Are Here, with each carefully selected song telling a different part of our story. Nile Rodgers has a unique understanding of the heart and soul of disco and the meaning behind the music. He was there at the beginning with his band Chic and has continued to be a musical force over the past five decades as writer, producer and musician behind so many dance floor hits. He is still touring and still creating ground-breaking hits such as Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.”

Steven Hoggett

Nile Rodgers

Michael Wynne

Lighting Designer
Natasha Chivers

Sound Designer
Tom Gibbons

Projection Designer
Darrel Maloney

Set and Costume Designer
David Zinn

Yasmine Lee

Associate Director
Neil Bettles

Kate Lumpkin

Additional Ideas
Nile Rodgers