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Sasha Serves the First Hallucinator

Sasha Serves the First Hallucinator

Commissioned by Spiegelworld for the opening of the Vestry bar at the Atomic Saloon, in tribute to the late New York mixologist Sasha Petraske who created the first Spiegelworld cocktail in New York City in 2006. In the painting, Sasha Petraske is seen serving The Gazillionaire while Spiegelworld’s Impresario Extraordinaire Ross Mollison and Consigliere David Foster look on.

Based in Los Angeles, Christopher Ulrich’s surreal iconographic images have adorned museums and galleries worldwide. He is influenced by the richness of ancient mythology, the mystery of alchemy, and the vastness of cosmic reality.

Christopher Ulrich
Atomic Saloon, The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas
Oil on canvas