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Our War on COVID-19

In the spirit of transparency and with hope other small business operators might find it useful, we are pleased to share Spiegelworld’s 46-page Health & Safety Handbook, outlining our protocols and procedures for mitigating risks associated with COVID-19.

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VEGASHITSHOW is a behind the scenes look at how Spiegelworld is bringing live entertainment and our signature brand of filthy fun safely back to Vegas. New episodes weekly!

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Deep dive into Spiegelworld past, present, and future. Swim through post after post about the nitty gritty details that you don't want to miss.

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"They" said the show wouldn’t last a week—10 YEARS AGO. Who's the April Fool now, "they"? Not Gaz, that's who!

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"We all have a bit of The Strong Man, The Half-Man Half-Woman, The Magician or The Show Girl in us." —Mark Ogge

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Sean & John Scott in midair, Absinthe

Who am I &
who are you &
who are we?

Spiegelworld began creating immersive live entertainment experiences in New York City in 2006. At the core of this seductive world was a unique venue; a century-old Belgian spiegeltent beautifully crafted from teak, stained glass, mirrors and luxurious velvet.

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