So cats, dig it – the Las Vegas Strip is quieter than a church mouse. ABSINTHE, OPIUM and ATOMIC SALOON SHOW are not on stage.

Ergo, Vegas a No-Go.

No point hiking off to a #vegashitshow JUST YET. You might as well stay on da couch and google youtube twitters to relive our past glories. If you want even more distance than 6 feet, tap the feed from 1.89 million miles away.

The Spiegelworld bunch has split into two; one squad is focusing on getting back on stage as soon as HRH Gov Sis gives us the thumbs up. The other (let’s face it – more fun and delicious) troupe is hallucinating hard on how the [Spiegel]world will look after this #virushitshow. New shows with pizza pies in new cities with magic and maybe something on the telly, I hear you zoom?

Check in here for more information. We’ll see you at one of our venues for a drink and a show in two shakes of a lamb’s [cock]tail.

Meanwhile – tickets for cancelled shows will be refunded or exchanged for future performances from the point of purchase.


Blast-off for the ultimate space oddity on board the Starship OPM73.

The Gazillionaire’s adults-only circus tent hosts the #1 greatest show in Las Vegas history.

Voted best new show in Vegas, the wild west just got a whole lot wilder.

Spiegelworld began creating its immersive live entertainment experiences in New York City in 2006. At the core of this seductive world was a unique venue – a century-old Belgian spiegeltent beautifully crafted from teak, stained glass, mirrors and luxurious velvet…