Las Vegas

Sin City. Lost Wages. Vegas, baby. Whatever you call it, the Entertainment Capital of the World is our own stretch of paradise. Spiegelworld has been electrifying (some might even say shocking) the Las Vegas Strip with its signature smash-hit shows and genre-defying dining and entertainment since 2011. 


  • Absinthe

    Caesars Palace Las Vegas


  • Atomic Saloon Show

    The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

    Tuesday – Saturday at 7:30pm & 9:30pm

  • OPM

    The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

    Wednesday – Sunday At 7pm & 9pm

  • DiscoShow

    The LINQ Hotel + Experience Las Vegas

    Coming Summer of 2024

Eat & Drink In
Las Vegas

  • No Pants

    Enjoy a cocktail and the best burger on the Strip with a side of crunchy golden Star Tots from No Pants. And for those who need a jolt, No Pants coffee is now being served.


Vegas Buzz

  • Episode 18

    Circus Town TV

    Circus, meet magic. Performers Craig and Mirko turn their dreams into a reality as they develop an ambitious quick change act for Absinthe. But will their costumes be finished before opening night? And Circus Town goes into orbit with the arrival of an artwork that’s out of this world!

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    Circus Town TV - Episode 18
  • EPISODE 17

    Circus Town TV

    Nick Beyeler takes aerial acrobatics to the next level with his terrifying plastic tube act! Watch as he looks death in the face for the sake of art. And get ready with Hazel Honeysuckle as she dons her iconic Green Fairy look, before she takes us on a tour of the Burlesque Hall of Fame!

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    Circus Town TV Episode 16
  • Episode 16

    Circus Town TV

    It’s getting hot in here! Joe Kerr burns brightly as a professional pyromancer! Let him set your heart on fire! Don’t like playing with fire? Maybe burlesque is more your speed. Hazel Honeysuckle takes us into a mystical world with her dazzling Green Fairy act!

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  • The Dancing Nun


    Unveiling the most heart-pounding, spine-tingling story that’s ever unfolded under the desert moon—”The Dancing Nun”. We’re fixin’ to get to the bottom of this supernatural conundrum and mustered up the courage to embark on a journey into the unknown to discover why our beloved Atomic Saloon has become a hauntin’ ground for these mysterious screams.

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