As the State of Nevada has extended its 50-person limit, The Gazillionaire has gone back to his bunker. If you have tickets for ABSINTHE for any show through January 15, you will be refunded. ABSINTHE will be back as soon as the Governor allows. Inquiries:

#1 greatest show in Las Vegas history

Las Vegas Weekly

Absinthe is a refreshing, irresistibly intoxicating blend of circus, burlesque and vaudeville, remixed and reimagined to delight savvy, seen-it-all modern audiences.

If you only see one show in your entire life, make it Absinthe!


Raunchy, rowdy & the acts will completely blow your mind!


All made possible by

Photo of Gaz pointing to the above section
Owner, producer, and host of the show, The Gazillionaire

Filthy rich and just plain filthy, Gaz dredged every broken-down circus, dive bar and detention center from Tokyo to Toledo in search of the world’s most sensationally talented, seductively beautiful and morally flexible artists. Whether defying the laws of gravity or the limits of good taste, this madcap crew of extraordinary exhibitionists lives to perform, for your pleasure and theirs, on the world’s most intimate stage. So drink up and get down, ’cause once Absinthe’s Green Fairy escapes her bottle, you’ll definitely be seeing things.

Unapologetically raunchy and undeniably hilarious, Absinthe is for ages 18 and above.

ABSINTHE® and SPIEGELWORLD® are registered trademarks of Spiegelworld Holding Company LLC. All rights reserved.

  • Showtimes

    January 16-31

    Wednesday to Sunday 7pm & 9:30pm


    From February 3

    Wednesday to Sunday 7pm & 9pm

    70-minute runtime with no intermission. Please note: Select elements of the show have been modified to conform with state mandated health and safety regulations.

  • Location

    Spiegeltent on the Roman Plaza

    Caesars Palace Las Vegas

    Corner of Flamingo Road and Las Vegas Boulevard

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    • Green Fairy Gallery Tables

      Tables of 2, 3, 4 are available. As tables cannot be shared between parties, they must be purchased as a whole (one ticket per seat).

      From $149/ticket*
      Please note: Ticket holders must wear face coverings at all times, except while actively sipping their drinks.

    • To ensure proper communication, including up-to-the-minute updates on state-mandated safety protocols, tickets are exclusively available via For accessible seating info or other ticket-related queries, please contact the box office at 702.534.3419.

      * Price per seat includes taxes only. Service and handling fees may apply.
      No exchanges or refunds unless you are feeling unwell and contact the box office prior to the performance.

    • Parties of Five+

      To purchase tickets for groups of five or more, please call the box office at 702.534.3419 or email

Photo of the Green Fairy

The Green Fairy’s Guide to Making Safety Sexy

  • Cabaret table seating, with all parties spaced a flirty 6′ apart.
  • Masks aren’t just for Illuminati sex parties anymore; Nevada has a mandatory face covering policy.
  • Staff wear sexy masks and tight, tight gloves at all times.
  • Tent sanitized and scrubbed—hard!—before and after every show.
  • No gathering at the bar. Sit back & let us service you tableside instead.
  • Respect other’s physical space. Making eyes from a distance? Encouraged (and surprisingly hot).

NOTICE: Please don’t come to the show if you have a cough, fever, are experiencing shortness of breath or are otherwise unwell. Refunds/exchanges available.

Health and Safety Handbook Cover

Health and Safety Handbook

Spiegelworld has developed a 52-page plan of protocols and procedures to mitigate the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted to share this Health and Safety Handbook for download in the spirit of full transparency and with the hope that other operators in the live entertainment industry may find the information useful for their own businesses.

Conditions apply; in accordance with health and safety standards, staff may refuse or remove ill or otherwise disruptive guests at their discretion.

About the Spiegeltent

On the Roman Plaza in front of Caesars Palace sits the most spectacular, lavish, technically sophisticated theater venue ever built in Las Vegas!

OK, you’re right. It’s a friggin’ tent—but not a regular one, a cool one. The Germans call it a spiegeltent (literally, “mirror tent”) because it holds a mirror to the yearnings and desires lurking deep within your soul. Enter this immersive adult playground and discover a wondrous cornucopia of amazement…

Photo of the Spiegeltent in Las Vegas, NV

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