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Pop Artist: Julie Atlas Muz

Composite image of Julie Atlas Muz, Lucia & LeeLoo performing balloon acts in Absinthe & OPIUM

Absinthe‘s inaugural Green Fairy, neo-burlesque icon Julie Atlas Muz (left) first bounced her infamous, taboo-bursting balloon into Spiegelworld in 2007. In the decade-plus since, the acclaimed actress, director, choreographer and all-around international art star remains a key collaborator, helping subsequent artists like Absinthe’s Gimp and OPIUM‘s LeeLoo, ahem, put their own spin on the crowd-favorite act. 

“It was pure Ms. Muz: bawdy, satirical and unadulterated theater from beginning to end.”New York Times

“Julie Atlas Muz has found a place in the modern-dance world, yet she isn’t beholden to any of its rules–even those observed in the form’s most experimental crannies.” TimeOut New York


Apparently, we desert-dwellers aren't the only ones who appreciate a well-laid thirst trap when we see one.

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"We all have a bit of The Strong Man, The Half-Man Half-Woman, The Magician or The Show Girl in us." —Mark Ogge

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