From college student to the big stage

Sebastian at The Hook

Your story begins in Bogotá, Colombia. Can you share with us how your journey in acrobatics started?

Sebastian: Absolutely. It’s been a thrilling ride that started when I was just nine. I dove into artistic gymnastics, competing nationally and gradually stepping onto the international stage. This early exposure to gymnastics was just the beginning of a journey that led me to the exciting world of cheerleading, and surprisingly, alongside my studies in civil engineering.

But then you made a significant shift in your career. What prompted that change?

Sebastian: My heart always yearned for the arts. While studying engineering, I realized my true passion lay in performing, so I returned to gymnastics, specifically trampoline gymnastics. It was there that I began competing with the Colombian national team and simultaneously coached young trampoline enthusiasts. 

How did your path lead you to the circus?

Sebastian: After five years with the national team, I joined a circus school in Bogotá. My love for travel, culture, and the joy of performing outweighed the competitive nature of gymnastics. It was clear that my path was to be a circus artist, embracing the global artistic community. I spent four years mastering hoop diving, which became my specialty. This hard work paid off when we secured a contract in Bogotá and later traveled to Italy for a talent competition program.

You’re skilled in various disciplines like high bar, trampoline, and hoop diving. What drives your passion for these?

Sebastian: I’ve always been drawn to heights and rotation. Performing triple somersaults with twists and engaging in challenging tricks gives me an adrenaline rush. I love every aspect that involves taking risks and showcasing agility.

Do you have a favorite trick?

Sebastian: While I love all the show’s tricks for their precision and acrobatic flair, the backward elements hold a special place for me. The risk factor is higher as you lose sight of where the hoop is located while you’re in the air. The thrill of navigating through the hoop blind is exhilarating.

What does your training routine look like?

Sebastian: To maintain peak physical condition, I hit the gym three to six times a week. On show days, we have focused half-hour sessions, honing our tricks and technical skills. It’s all about a healthy lifestyle, from nutrition to overall body care.

Your act is the finale of your current show. How did you develop this act with your team?

Sebastian: It started with a collaboration with two talented colleagues, innate performers Daniel and Nate. We merged Daniel’s hook work and Nate’s acrobatic flair to create an act that’s not just a performance but a celebration, a gathering of artists culminating in a spectacular show finale.

Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring acrobats?

Sebastian: The journey can be different for everyone, depending on your goals. Starting with gymnastics was advantageous for me, but others have successfully dived directly into circus school. The key is maintaining relentless discipline and a burning passion for the craft.


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