Gaz’s Guide: How to Hang Like a High Roller

Masked, vaxxed and ready to party at a safe social distance? If so, now is your chance to do Vegas like the ballers do—at a fraction of the cost. From first class flights and accommodations to luxury dining, shopping and other rarified fun, there’s pretty literally never been a better time to enjoy Sin City’s legendary excess for less.

To help you get in the big money mood, we spoke with Absinthe‘s The Gazillionaire, who was kind (or as he so succinctly put it, “bored”) enough to share a few of his favorite ways to live large in Las Vegas.

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

Can you say ‘Ver-sayce?’ Shop like the Showgirls at Las Vegas’ definitive luxury shopping destination. We’re talking Armani, Balenciaga, Breitling, Burberry, Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Gucci, Hublot, La Perla, Louis Vuitton, Tourneau, Valentino, Van Cleef & Arpels…y’know, the good stuff. Or better yet, shop like Gaz—and by that, we mean have Forum Shops’ concierge hook you up with private presentations at all your favorite spots.

Impresario’s Reserve Tickets to Absinthe

Experience the greatest show in Vegas history—and yes, that’s an actual quote from an actual publication—in style! With Impresario’s Reserve tickets, you get to bypass the plebes via secret entrance before taking the very best seats in the house. Like, seats so good, acts will happen as close to in-your-face as safe social distancing allows. Plus, the first drink’s on Gaz!


Even Gazillionaires get namaste from time to time; they just prefer to do so in tranquil, untrampled places beyond the reach of most mortals. Thanks to Maverick HeliYoga, now you can, too! Treat up to five members of your entourage to a 2.5-hour yoga adventure, including 75-minute outdoor lesson (adaptable to all levels), custom playlist and instruction transmitted through wireless headsets and round-trip travel from the Vegas Strip to the Valley of Fire.

Krug Chef’s Table at Restaurant Guy Savoy

Michelin stars and $75 soups may not be as rare as they once were, but when it comes to fine dining, you still can’t beat the Krug Chef’s Table at Restaurant Guy Savoy. The only Krug Table in the US, it seats up to six—overlooking the actual kitchen. So you not only get a 10-course tasting menu of Savoy’s signature dishes, you get to watch each dish being prepared, as well. And did we mention there’s a frickin’ BREAD SOMMELIER and Krug Cuvée Champagnes throughout? Because there is.

Dream Racing

Ah, yes. Nothing says ‘I’m insecure about my junk’ like renting a half-million dollar, high performance vehicle just to sit in traffic on the Vegas Strip. Want to roll like a real baller? Head over to Dream Racing and take the wheel of your pick from the best supercars on the market—including a Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, McLaren 720S, Porsche 911 GT2 RS or Aston Martin DB11—and push ’em to the limit on a real-life racetrack. Better still, go Full Throttle and treat yourself to an adrenaline-fueled half-day behind the wheel of a 620 hp Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo race car, complete with your own professional pit crew.

Nobu Villa, Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace

If all goes well, you won’t be doing too much sleeping during your visit—but you’ll still need a place to park your purchases and, ahem, ‘freshen up’ between extravagances. Plus, germaphobes and shy poopers will really appreciate the extra social distance 10,300 square feet and a private elevator affords. Hell, if it’s good enough for Drake, JLo, Miley Cyrus and Gaz, it should certainly be good enough for you.