OPIUM Meets The Sucklord

Eagle-eyed art lovers are likely to do a double-take upon discovering a few familiar faces among the immaculately-packaged action figures occupying four different display cases inside Superfrico‘s main dining room-slash-gallery, The Artery.

Commissioned by Spiegelworld, the 27-character collection was created by New York City-based artist Morgan Phillips, aka The Sucklord, and depicts the canonical cast of OPIUM, past and present, including the show’s original “producer” Harry M. Howie, Spiegelworld’s Impresario Extraordinaire Ross Mollison as he appeared at OPIUM‘s first anniversary party (“Intergalactic Impresario”) and the show’s original costume designer, Machine Dazzle.

About the work: Spiegelworld’s hit show OPIUM is a horny, hypercolor journey from Las Vegas to Uranus—and back. A campy, irreverent love letter to the best (and worst) of sci-fi fandom, what better way to immortalize the show and its perversely talented crew of space cadets than with their own mint on card, edition of one action figures?

About the artist: The Sucklord is a New York City pop artist/reality television personality known for his subversive action figure mashups. Operating under the Brand SUCKADELIC, The Sucklord’s line of self-manufactured bootleg toys steal shamelessly from Star Wars, vintage advertising and all manner of pop culture trash. Packaged in layers of ironic self-mockery, his shoddy-looking wares have inspired an entire secondary art movement, with dozens of entrepreneurial toy bootleggers creating their own versions of highly referential, low-rent interpretations of their favorite figures.