Superfrico Las Vegas New Seasonal Cocktail Menu

Superfrico Summer Cocktails

Spiegelworld speaks to Niko Novick, Executive of Beverage at Superfrico, about the new seasonal cocktail menu that is available now.

This looks like the most audacious cocktail menu we’ve ever seen. What inspired the concept?

I have been wanting to do a food concept cocktail menu at Superfrico Las Vegas for over a year now, though no style of food ever seemed right or good enough. It wasn’t until a brainstorming session that led to something that’s been staring us in the mouth the entire time! JUNK FOOD. Everybody knows it, everybody loves it, and you’ll never find it in any restaurant. It was perfect! The entire team was so excited to translate their guilty nostalgic favorites into culinary greatness.

How do you come up with the ingredients to capture the essence of the flavor?

Flavors are endless and it is really fun to try to mimic and replicate with the plethora of ingredients at our disposal. The recipes were workshopped by the entire bar team and took almost two months to nail down. To make sure there was no infringement of trademarks, we made sure to use the actual listed ingredient and build the body of flavors around the star of each respective cocktail. It all came out so amazing and I’m so very excited to see the first sip reactions!