The Starship OPM has captivated thousands of passengers with its exceptional in-flight entertainment, showcasing an array of the galaxy’s most acclaimed gravity-defying performers. Now, after six outrageous years in space, Starship OPM has concluded its journey and powered down its AI after an unforgettable final New Year’s Eve performance, leaving Superfrico and Ski Lodge in its wake.

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Superfrico Las Vegas

Superfrico® is the ultimate be-all, end-all, taste-all house party where the world’s most kickass creatives cut loose and do their thing—in the kitchen, behind the bars, on the walls, under the table—and everyone’s invited.

Ski Lodge

Inspired by the world’s coziest aprés-ski bars, the cabin-styled Ski Lodge is the coolest spot on the Vegas Strip for a year-round winter warmup. Stake out a spot at the bar or settle in by the fire and treat yourself to the finest handcrafted cocktails and pizza on the slopes of Sin City!

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