An Incident at the Theatre

Mark Wagner is best known for his intricate collages made entirely from deconstructed U.S. dollars. He destroys thousands of bills yearly to create works which pointedly and playfully explore the intersection of wealth, power, value, and American identity.

Having previously commissioned Mark to create a portrait of The Gazillionaire which is displayed inside the Absinthe Hallucinator (a rolling RV cocktail bar), Spiegelworld commissioned this new work with the company’s kraken muse as the central figure. Closer inspection also reveals Superfrico’s signature penguin, Spiegelworld’s Secret Society symbol and the imbibing of plentiful cocktails.

More ArtWork

  • Fuilles Vertes

    This piece was about the posture of the person and how it connected to a natural element like green leaves.I elongated the neck to give the figure a bird-like quality and softness. I enjoy letting the watercolor bleed and move on its own and then I go back in to add structure. Shereene Fogenay was born […]

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  • Can’t Help Falling in Love

    A “holy” portrait of being a modern day artist and performer in Las Vegas. Over the course of the nearly 11 minute video loop, Heidi transforms in and out of being Elvis from inside a neon shrine. The sculpture is about identity, performance, transformation and the labor that goes into being an artist.

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