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Daniel Shapiro - Chandelier
Daniel Shapiro - Chandelier

This body of work in the past few years has a similar inspiration to me; it feels like a collection. Some pieces are just straightforward designs; this will be a sconce, and I won’t try to say anything with this. I’m at the crossroads of being a designer and an artist.

Other pieces, which most of the work I’m doing for Spiegelworld are, tilt more toward the artist in me and are about the entanglement of our paths as people. Especially the chandelier and the flash mounts, where there are multiple lights, and they all end up in the same place, but they’re tingling around each other. When building it, I imagine each light to be its own beam, and the tubes represent its path. Imagine the relationship between them. Some are total loners and don’t fit into the group for whatever reason. Some of them are like two people that are in love, and others are two people that are falling out of love. When I imagine those characters on them, it influences how I shape each of them and their expressions. I like the idea that you can look up, and there’s a whole story above you.

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