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The Opium Collection by The Sucklord

The Opium Collection

Spiegelworld’s hit show OPIUM plays right next door to Superfrico, transporting passengers each night on a horny, hypercolor space flight from Las Vegas to Uranus. And now every character that has ever worked on board the Starship OPM73 has been immortalised as a one-off action figure, each in their perfect, original packaging.

The Sucklord is a New York City pop artist and television personality known for his subversive action figure mashups and reality TV persona. Operating under the brand SUCKADELIC, The Sucklord’s line of self-manufactured bootleg toys steals shamelessly from Star Wars, vintage advertising and all manner of pop culture trash.

The Sucklord
The Artery, Superfrico, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Action figure bits, plastic, cardboard