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Trauma Doll with Anxiety Objects by Penny Goring

Trauma Doll with Anxiety Objects

London-based artist Penny Goring’s poetry bleeds into all of her work as the core of her multifaceted art practice. Crafted entirely by hand with any materials she can get, Goring sinks with every stitch her past, present, and future traumas of living in a world that lacks peace of mind into dolls that aren’t quite right, but perfectly and intentionally wrong. Figurative yet abstract, simple but potent, the dolls are suspended on the walls, facing away, upside-down, maimed or wounded, as though physically expressing emotions that can’t be put into words.

Purchased by Spiegelworld for Superfrico’s Artery collection.

Penny Goring
The Artery, Superfrico, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas