Vegas Glamour Cats

Ever wonder what a Parisian production of Cats would look like after a few too many absinthes? Wonder no more as the dozens and dozens of cat portraits by Gregory Jacobson relieves you of the creative strain of placing heavily exaggerated expressions, makeup, and green lighting to cats of all breeds. The first glance will have you recoil as your brain struggles to decipher the difference between the human attributes seamlessly blended into the form of a cat: blood-shot eyes, swollen lips, and buck-teeth, they begin to resemble clowns with their grotesque faces and undomesticated makeup styles. Nodding to Toulouse Lautrec’s highly linear approach emphasizing contour, Jacobson captures the essence of 19th Century Parisian “glamour” that could only be inspired by the sneers, smirks, and silliness of our favorite feline friends: cats.

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