Top 11 Most Absinthe Moments

Remember the time Gaz sucked a guest’s toes during the show? How about when Channing Tatum hijacked a lap dance-off? Fortunately, we have proof—of Gaz getting his (consensual) pre-Covid groove on with some guy’s foot, Channing’s impromptu appearance and 10 more of the most memorable moments from Absinthe’s first 11 years at Caesars Palace.

1. The Gazillionaire Sucks (A Guest’s Toes)

Some things just have to be seen to be believed…

2. TMZ Catches Channing Tatum’s Impromptu Lap Dance 

Guests are forever asking us if the audience members picked to play ‘What Would You Do?’ are plants. Short answer: Nope. That s**t is totally random—though there was at least one high profile ringer who just happened to be in the right place at the right time to steal the show with some (totally spontaneous) smooth lap dancin’ moves.

3. Fat Frank Breaks the Internet

While The Esteemed Gentlemen of the High Wire continue to be on hiatus, the group’s husky heartthrob, Fat Frank, is still racking up fans with this tearaway pants moment—the first GIF from our GIPHY channel to hit over 1MM views. Sun’s out, buns out!

4. David “Bath Boy” O’Mer Makes a Splash in Caesars’ Fountain 

5. Gaz Welcomes the Las Vegas Raiders on Nationwide TV

Absinthe and the NFL: two great tastes that… OK, maybe don’t have all that much in common beyond sexy, super fit folks and snug, extra stretchy pants. But thankfully, that didn’t stop NBC’s “Football Night in America” from tapping Gaz to welcome Raider Nation to Las Vegas. (PS: You’ve been warned, Mahomes!)

6. Clark County Renames Las Vegas Boulevard “Gazillionaire Boulevard” 

In honor of Absinthe’s seventh anniversary on the Strip, Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly officially re-named Las Vegas Boulevard “Gazillionaire Boulevard.” (Naturally, Gaz was thrilled.)

7. Gaz, Wanda & the Cast Crash America’s Got Talent 

8. The Great Zombie Fever Outbreak of 2013

What? It was a different time. Back in 2013, when Absinthes 1,000th performance was nearly derailed by an outbreak of Zombie Fever, people still had a sense of humor about (imaginary) infectious diseases. 

9. Neil Patrick Harris Gets Wired

If there’s one thing everyone should know about the renaissance man formerly known as Doogie Howser, M.D., it’s that homeboy knows how to have fun. Never one to play it safe when a good time’s on the line, NPH joined the Esteemed Gentlemen of the High Wire—on the high wire—in February, 2012.

10. Illuminating the Electric Oak 

To mark Absinthe’s 8th anniversary, The Gazillionaire powered up the Absinthe Electric Oak, later taking a turn behind the decks as the Green Fairy Garden’s first-ever Tree-J.

11. UFC star Frank Mir Strips Down on Opening Night