Coffee, Scrotum Tea or Me?

What happens when you dangle a smokin’ hot, scantily-clad acrobat over a bathtub full of water? Folks get miiiiiighty thirsty, that’s what. 

A featured member of Absinthe’s 2006 debut cast, David “Bath Boy” O’Mer rejoined the show in Las Vegas in 2016. While we’re prohibited from serving David’s actual bathwater (no matter how nicely you ask or how much you’re willing to pay for it), leave it to Impresario Extraordinaire, Ross Mollison, to concoct the next best thing: Scrotum Tea.

First introduced at Spiegelworld’s 2019 Spring Social in New York City, Scrotum Tea—a caffeinated yet cool blend of gin, yerba mate, lavender, lemon and orange oil, served in a porcelain bathtub—soon found its way to Las Vegas, where The Gazillionaire treated summertime guests to the cheeky cocktail.