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American Dream Jigsaw Puzzle

American Dream Jigsaw Puzzle

Depicting Mark Ogge’s painting “American Dream” commissioned for OPIUM, this jigsaw puzzle contains 1,000 hand-cut wooden pieces with shapes including the Starship Enterprise and Spiegelworld Secret Society symbol.

Steve Richardson’s devotion to puzzle making has transformed the idea of the jigsaw puzzle from a very simple diversion into a highly expressive, entertaining and exasperating art form. The mastermind and “Chief Tormentor” behind Stave Puzzles, widely considered “the Rolls Royce of wooden jigsaw puzzles,” Richardson has been handcrafting diabolically difficult puzzles, often with (purposely) missing pieces or other tricks designed to confound, since 1974.

Meticulously hand-cut from the finest cherry wood, his one of a kind creations are collected and treasured as unique and precious heirlooms.

Steve Richardson
Impresario’s Private Collection
Wood (Cherry)