A renowned portrait photographer, Calmer is celebrated for his unmatched creativity and clever wit. With an uncanny ability to transform even the simplest concepts into captivating imagery, Matthias is recognized for his creative compositions that leave your jaw on the floor. Careful research and intuition is behind his success in capturing the essence of rock stars, Hollywood celebrities, business moguls, and comedians. Matthias’s portfolio is a testament to his versatility and talent, creating key art for numerous major TV studios, magazines, and athletes. You’ve probably seen his work without realizing it: posters for American Horror Story, What We Do In The Shadows, and Welcome to Chippendales just to name a few. We were lucky enough to snag some legendary portraits of two iconic duos to ever grace music history: Daft Punk, and Outkast.

More ArtWork

  • Fuilles Vertes

    This piece was about the posture of the person and how it connected to a natural element like green leaves.I elongated the neck to give the figure a bird-like quality and softness. I enjoy letting the watercolor bleed and move on its own and then I go back in to add structure. Shereene Fogenay was born […]

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  • Can’t Help Falling in Love

    A “holy” portrait of being a modern day artist and performer in Las Vegas. Over the course of the nearly 11 minute video loop, Heidi transforms in and out of being Elvis from inside a neon shrine. The sculpture is about identity, performance, transformation and the labor that goes into being an artist.

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