This is my depiction of a dream interpreter. Dream interpretation runs in my family, My Opa who has passed, was a dream interpreter and writer for the people in his town in Guyana. He passed it down to me and I use dreams as road maps as well.

Shereene Fogenay was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, moving to Las Vegas with her family at the age of twelve. She later received an AA in Art from the College of Southern Nevada and managed the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art in Las Vegas for over six years. She works in acrylic, ink and watercolors to express her Guyanese heritage and declarations of people of color, specifically women of color. Shereene’s work celebrates the Black community, which sometimes includes her own family members, conveying dynamic expressions. She believes that in our society, black cultural expression is not always received well, and so allows her work to express her identity and the hopes she has of open expression for people of color. Often light and ethereal, her portraits capture the subject’s auras in a grassroots style, working in an expressive manner to portray emotions and moods of Black communities.

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