Marc Horowitz is an all-around American artist who works in a large variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, performance and video; in essence, he does what he wants. His style is so broad and encompassing that two of them side-by-side look like they were painted by different artists, in different time periods: in one, an abstract expressionist work that simply reads as brushstrokes of color, while the other is an oil painting of a horse wearing tube socks. He is a prankster, a trickster, and a troll, wearing his art on his sleeve, his hat, and his beard, all the while taking the piss on the local news for his “Dinner Date Tour;” a strictly virtual google-maps road trip; and an ad hoc makeshift coffee stand, which was run by daisy chaining several extension cords together and producing a few drops from his coffee machine. His visual works are maximalist and have more in common with Sigmar Polke than they do Maurizio Cattelan, though he undoubtedly takes inspiration from both, bordering on the ridiculous, the absurd, and that feeling that makes you say “WTF is going on here?”

More ArtWork

  • Fuilles Vertes

    This piece was about the posture of the person and how it connected to a natural element like green leaves.I elongated the neck to give the figure a bird-like quality and softness. I enjoy letting the watercolor bleed and move on its own and then I go back in to add structure. Shereene Fogenay was born […]

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  • Can’t Help Falling in Love

    A “holy” portrait of being a modern day artist and performer in Las Vegas. Over the course of the nearly 11 minute video loop, Heidi transforms in and out of being Elvis from inside a neon shrine. The sculpture is about identity, performance, transformation and the labor that goes into being an artist.

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