Circus Automaton

Commissioned by Spiegelworld, this coin-operated, mechanical toy theatre contains 20 moving parts and characters, presenting a five-minute circus performance including specially created music and lighting effects. The piece celebrates Spiegelworld’s beginnings in 2006 on the pier at South Street Seaport, New York City, and features the kraken, penguin, monkey with fiddle and ocean liner which were born as recurring Spiegelworld symbols during that period.

Presented as an opening night gift to The Gazillionaire when Absinthe toured Australia in 2014. First exhibited at the Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia. The Gazillionaire re-gifted Circus Automaton to Boozy Skunkton and its first performance in The Vestry took place at midnight on the opening night of Atomic Saloon Show, September 18 2019.

Melbourne artist Mark Ogge lives and works in an old church in Clunes, in country Victoria. He was the first artist commissioned by Spiegelworld, creating an entrance archway mural in 2006. Mark has long been fascinated by the iconography of the circus and fairground, exploring the dichotomy between enchantment and disillusionment.

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